Lexson’ innovation center gathers the most technical research and development team for the custom automated hydraulic press solution in China. They are standing at the frontier science and technology of our product line including die cutting press, trimming press, deep drawing press, stamping press, powder compaction press, compression molding press, assembly press and so on. They are devoting themselves to make continuous innovation in these applications.

Everyone in Lexson, especially our experts from the innovation center, works hard to make automated hydraulic press machines more automatization, more intellectualization, and more simplification for the future. We believe that no press’s too big, or too complicated for us to build for our clients.

We love to build the presses target directly to your application, and we also love to make it more innovative. With this passion, we believe that we could build the best automated hydraulic press solutions for any of your application.

automated hydraulic press
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