Lexson’s more than a hydraulic press manufacturer. We are your reliable business partner who would love to share his specialty and experience and give out his engineering support. We believe that the more you share, the happier you are, and the faster you grow up. The value that you choose Lexson press machine begins when it comes to the complimentary consultation and training service. Our experienced service team members are 24-hour online for your service.

Our experienced team members put their knowledge and problem-solving skills to work for you from the beginning. No matter for forming consultation of the press machine, or the optimal operation conditions set for the machine, Lexson will help work out a best forming solution, to help our clients achieve consistent quality of the products and the most cost-effective production condition for the machine.


For every press machine built at Lexson, a series of training material will be prepared in great detail before shipping, which is designed to help you maximize the use of your equipment, intimately familiar with your manufacturing equipment and improve your overall manufacturing processes. The training material including:

  • How to fast install and set up the press machine
  • The operation and safety points of the hydraulic press that you should know
  • How to do maintenance
  • How to do troubleshooting for the hydraulic presses
  • Introduction of HIM

We are continuously working to improve our consultation training service to bring you the best hydraulic press engineering support. If you have any idea or trouble about the press, please feel free to contact us.

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