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Welcome to Lexson website, if you are searching to buy a jigsaw puzzle cutter machine, a heavy-duty/industrial jigsaw puzzle cutter machine, or a puzzle production line, you have come to the right place.

Lexson-A01 Pro 800T Puzzle machine, also an industrial heavy duty die cutting machine.
Automatic sliding table available, sliding table gets in and retracts, keep operator safe from the die-cutting chamber, plus the Lexson-ISB-G01 automatic jigsaw puzzle scatter/break up system and automatic jigsaw puzzle bagger, it makes you a jigsaw puzzle expert no longer a dream.
Steel rule die kisses on the steel plate on the sliding table when cutting puzzle board.
Can easily get jigsaw puzzle boards registered on slider bed with good positioning.
Machine more industrialized, compacted, bigger sizes from 100 ton up to 2000 ton, capable of cutting 50 pieces even 2000 pieces adult puzzles, puzzle board size up to 38” x 46 or larger.
One operator can take care of the whole Lexson jigsaw puzzle production line, real less labor, more efficient and productive.

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