Product Description

LEXSON-P06-700T hydraulic heated platen press machine, also known as heated platen press machine.  Is specially designed for the compression molding process in heated pressing and bonding heat-melted material on huge brake pads on trucks.

LEXSON provides a full range force(1-3000 ton) on the LEXSON-P06 series hydraulic heated platen press machine that has the below benefits:
The heated platen hydraulic machine has a servo motor and is configured with a servo drive controller, that provides highly accurate and repeatable motion control.
Programmable operation, the operator can set or program to have the machine run to follow specific motion profiles, this also is known as recipes.
For different applications, the heated platen press can be controlled to run at various speeds as required by the according application.
Time control: the press can be controlled to run a certain time to release pressure and also a certain time to hold the set pressure generated.

Below are the main technical specifications:

Model No.: LEXSON-P06-700T
Nominal force: 7000KN
System pressure: 25 MPa
Main cylinder dia.: φ580 mm with a built-in high-speed piston.
Work table sizes: 59.05×62.99″
Daylight opening: 12.99″
Stroke: 12.99″
Table height: 35.98″
Temperature: 572℉(Adjustable)
Electrical heating
Pressure holding time: 30 minutes

LEXSON heated platen press has a 4-post structure, that provides an extremely stable & sturdy framework for pressing applications, ±0.15 parallel between the top and bottom heated platen, allows the machine to process big brake pads, the machine distributes an even pressure and heat on the brake pad, the machine also allows a rather slow pressing speed(1 inch/s) and acts on the brake pads. The brake pads get heated at 482℉, the heat-melted material gets melted and then gets molded during the pressing holding period(the holding time is adjustable, 30 mins).



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