Product Description

150 ton heated platen hot forming machine for curing, solidification and compression molding. Overall, a hot forming machine/hydraulic heated platen press machine is a machine that is specially designed and made for shaping, pressing, and molding materials using heat and pressure. Some common applications and advantages of this machine include:

Compression molding: Hydraulic heated platen press machines are often used for compression molding of thermoset plastics, rubber, and other composite materials. This process involves applying heat and pressure to the material to shape it into the desired form.

Hot forming: These machines are also used for hot forming of different materials, such as aluminum and titanium. Hot forming involves heating the metal to a specific temperature and then shaping it using pressure.

High precision: Hydraulic heated platen press machines are known for their high precision and accuracy. This makes them ideal for applications that require tight tolerances, such as aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

Relevant applications:
In the production of lithium-ion batteries compress the electrode materials and electrolytes.
In laminating multiple layers of materials together.
In curing various/multiple layers of the fuel cell together
Heated platen presses are used in the production of various components for electric vehicles, including battery packs, charging connectors, and motor parts.
The press helps cure various layers of materials together, resulting in a strong and durable component, for example, carbon fibre.



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