trim press

Product Description

Lexson’s trim press is a heavy-duty designed 4-post hydraulic press for trimming and removing the burr of die casting parts. Since trim presses are commonly working under high temperature and excessive condition, all hydraulic and electric units which Lexson used are of the worldwide famous brand with tough quality, to ensure years of dependable use and maintenance-free.

Each trimming press built in Lexson is under optimal design. The trimming press is guided by quality graphite-impregnated self-lubricated bronze bushings and four solid, chrome-plated posts. The long bearing length provides perfect stability and effective resistance to off-center loading.

Trimming is a typical secondary processor within the whole production line of die casting. Our trimming press is open-designed and brings the ability to integrate into any other production cells such as waste unloading units or robots to maximize your process efficiency.



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