200 ton fabric leather die cutting press

200 Ton Fabric Leather Die Cutting Press Machine Specification

  • Type of machine:  hydraulic die cutting machine
  • Industry: automobile inner-decorative fabric
  • Machine maximum pressure: 200 Tons
  • In process punch force: 200 tons
  • In process stroke: 200mm
  • Daylight: 200mm
  • After a procurement of two hydraulic die cutting machines, Morito decides to bring in another two cutting machine for their auto inner decorative fabric production and process.
  • Compare to normal fabric cutting machine or leather die cutting machine, 200 ton fabric leather die cutting press machine is bigger in overall dimension, 1650*1200 mm moving platen and bed platens.
  • Featured with two feeders table driven by the step motor, it allows two feeders to work successively, namely feeder 1 moves into the workspace first after the cycle’s finished, when feeder 1 returns, feeder 2 can work closely, so as to raise efficiency.
  • Thanks to its big platens, that allows the company to custom make a bigger cutting die that allows raw material to go into cutting instead of cutting the raw material into small pieces, which helps decrease waste by 35%.
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