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hot forming machine for brake pads

Hot Forming Machine for Brake Pad

Hot Forming Machine for Brake Pad

Lexson Machinery is a leading manufacturer of custom hot forming machines, automation systems, has developed a 300-ton hydraulic press used to hot form and solidify brake pads.

The machine ‘s capable of temperature up to 2372°F(300℃), by using electric cartridge heaters, provides even temperature distribution throughout the forming process, the machine generates even pressure, stable speed when pressing on the parts, all these make the parts get pressure more stably and heat more even, more complete solidification.

Utilizing 3 zones of heat control in each platen, operators can maintain a constant platen temperature to within +/-41°F throughout the cycle. Additionally, automatic insulated door systems increase heat efficiency and maintain the desired temperature set points while facilitating easy part and tool loading.




Model No. Lexson-P06 PRO Heated Platen Press 300 Ton
Driven Type Servo motor + Servo controller
Description Hot Forming Machine
Structure 4-Post, top-mounted hydraulic system
Hydraulic System Pressure 25 Mpa
Pressure Output 3000 KN
Input Power AC460VAC, 3 Phase, 60 HZ
Standard Stroke 279.4 mm (11 INCH)
Daylight Between Sliding & Bottom Bolster 482.6 mm (19 INCH)
Daylight Between Heated Platens 330.2 mm (13 INCH)
Heated Platen Sizes 1016 mm (Left-Right) * 1016 mm (Front-Rear) (40 * 40 INCH)
Height of Bed Above Floor 914.4 mm (36 INCH)
Fast Forward Speed 15 mm/s (6 INCH/sec)
Slow Pressing Speed 2.5 mm/s (1 INCH/sec)
Return Speed 17.5 mm/s (7 INCH/sec)
Press Parallelism ±0.025 mm (0.001 INCH)
Heated Platen Parallelism ±0.025 mm (0.001 INCH)
Heating Method Electrical heating
Platen Temperature Controller Omron temperature control system
Heating Temperature Maximum 300℃, adjustable
Number of Cartridge Heater 14 heaters on upper heating platen, 14 heaters on lower heating platen
Time to Heat Up to 300 ℃ About 45 minutes
Heat Insulation Platens Yes




high pressure forming machine

High Pressure Forming Machine

custom made composites forming machine

Composites Forming Machine – Lexson Hydraulic Heated Platen Presses

Composites Forming Machine – Lexson Hydraulic Heated Platen Presses

LEXSON provides a full range of composites forming machine – Lexson Hydraulic Heated Platen Presses for Composites Forming process. Built to customer ‘s practical specification from 20 ton up to 1000 ton, LEXSON ‘s composites forming machine hydraulic heated platen press gives uniform pressure distribution and a rather stable temperature required with temperature uncertainty 5 ℃ for better composite molding.



Lexson-P06 PRO Composites Forming Machine Hydraulic Heated Platen Press 600 Ton Technical Specifications:

Nominal force 6000 KN
Bed Table Size 2000*1400 mm
Cylinder Stroke 400 mm
Holding Time 0~30 min
Fast Forward Speed 150 mm/s
Slow Pressing Speed 25 mm/s
Return Speed 150 mm/s
Power 3 Phase, 480VAC, 60Hz
Daylight Opening 400 mm
Temperature 250℃
Bed Table Height 800 mm


Composites Forming Machine – Lexson Hydraulic Heated Platen Presses Features:

*Electric resistive or oil steam heat system

*Water Cooling system

*Independent heating zone for quick heating up and wiring repair

*Multi-zone temperature control achieves good temperature uniformity

*Safety inter-locked shield doors on the left, right and rear sides of work the machine work table

*Pneumatic safety ratchet bar

*10″ HD HMI

*Programmable time and times for exhausting (burping) cycles

*Servo driven hydraulic system available as an option, less noise, save 75% electricity consumption

*Portable operation console(dual run button+E-stop button)

*Safety light curtains

custom made heated platen 20 ton heat press

20 Ton 4-Post Heated Platen Press Leading Manufacturer

20 Ton 4-Post Heated Platen Press Leading Manufacturer

First of all, let’s see how Lexson 20 ton 4-post heated platen press works:

More heavy-duty 600 ton heated platen press available from Lexson:

Lexson offers a wide range of heated platen press with single and multi-daylight. Load ranges from 10 ton up to 1000 ton. Due to the stable uniform distribution of pressure and heating temperature, the Lexson heated platen presses are suitable for most of the hot forming process. Therefore, you can see our presses widely used in the production of laminates, compression molding (large scale heat compression molding machine), composite panel and molded rubber products worldwide. The Lexson 4-post heated platen press can also be a suitable lab press for battery coil test. Furthermore, lab tests requiring different molding temperature and pressure condition will probably need a similarly Lexson-P06 PRO heated platen press.

20 ton 4-post heated platen press

20 ton 4-post heated platen press

Technical specifications of Lexson 20 ton 4-post heated platen press:
Model No. Lexson-P06 PRO 4-post Heated Platen Presses 20 Ton Height of Bed Table Above Floor 780 mm
Pressure Output 200 KN Fast Forward Speed 120 mm/s
Input Power AC230VAC, 3 Phase Slow Pressing Speed 25 mm/s
Daylight Opening 400 mm Return Speed 120 mm/s
Standard Stroke 300 mm Heat Temperature 300℃
Bed Table Sizes 600*400 mm Dwell time(Adjustable) 0~30 minutes
20 ton 4-post heated platen press

4 post heated platen presses

20 ton 4-post heated platen press features:

(The 4-post heated platen press can be custom built directly to your specification and requirements)

HMI 10 Inches Color Touch Screen
Self-lubricated Bushings Yes
Driven Type Hydraulic
Structure With upper and lower heat platens
Control PLC
Temperature Control System Yes
Heat Insulation Platen Yes
Double Start Buttons Yes
Emergency Stop Button Yes
Safety Light Sensors Cover the whole daylight
Safety Mesh Shield Cover left / right/rear sides of the bed table
Mold Locking With T slot on the bed table and the slide table
Load Cells Yes
Displacement Transducer Yes
NEMA Control Cabinet Yes, with electric disconnect switch
Oil Leakage Strategy – Oil leakage audible alarming

-Hydraulic oil collecting grooves on slide table and bed table

Dual Channel Safety Circuit Yes
Pneumatic Safety Ratchet Bar Yes

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