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hydraulic deep drawing press machine

Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Machine 1000 Ton – LEXSON

Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Machine 1000 Ton – LEXSON ‘s standard hydraulic deep drawing press machine ranges from 45 to 1000 tons, features compact and intuitive design. Heavy duty 4-post and stress-relieved frame body are extremely rigid and minimum deflection to provide perfect rigidity and durability. Well-forged and precise-polished heavy-duty cylinder remain highly reliable when machine running at the high load condition.

Additionally, Lexson can work directly with your tooling suppliers from every beginning of your deep drawing project, and ensure that the press is optimized and workable with your tooling.


Custom-made-hydraulic-press-machine-1000 ton

Custom-made-hydraulic-press-machine-1000 ton

Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Machine Features & Benefits:
  • Top mounted hydraulic system(totally closed by safety shields)
  • NEMA type electrical control cabinet apart from machine main body
  • Portable operation console(dual run button+E-stop button)
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Linear Position Sensor
  • Safety light curtain
  • T slotted channel on moving platen and bed table
  • 10″ Color HMI(Language: Chinese & English)
  • Pneumatic safety ratchet bar
  • Servo controlled hydraulic control system(Servo controlled hydraulic deep drawing press machine) as an option