Servo Hydraulic Press Machine VS Conventional Hydraulic Press Machine

Servo Hydraulic Press Machine VS Conventional Hydraulic Press Machine

The servo hydraulic press machine is a servo-driven hydraulic press system integrated with the precision pressure and position transducer for closed-loop control. Compared to conventional hydraulic press, the advances of the servo hydraulic presses are obvious:

  • First of all, much faster approaching, pressing and return speed
  • Speed adjustable during the whole stroke
  • Pressure repeat accuracy: ±1%
  • Furthermore, 30%~60% lower energy consumption
  • Much lower noise level
  • All parameters programmable on the central color touchscreen
  • High degree of reliability and minimum need for maintenance during the entire lifetime
servo hydraulic press machine

servo-hydraulic press machine VS conventional hydraulic press machine

Application of Lexson servo hydraulic press

Precision force control and real-time production monitoring make the servo-hydraulic press the ideal machine equipment for most of the precision applications such as automobiles parts forming and assembling, motor bearing assembling and press fitting, the electric connector assembly, and press fitting, as well as the precision straightening, trimmingcompression molding and so on. As with powerful lower energy consumption, the heated platen servo-hydraulic press is born to be the perfect press machine solution for hot compression molding application with long pressure holding time.