LEXSON Custom Made 2000 Ton 4 Post Hydraulic Press Machine Manufacturers

4 post hydraulic press machine Lexson builds ranges from 100 ton up to 3000 tons, all 4-post hydraulic presses built to your specifications.

Model No. LEXSON P01-2000T
Driven Type Hydraulic Servo Driven  (Refer to LEXSON ‘s Servo Hydraulic Press)
Pressure Output 20000 KN
Input Power 3 Phase, 480VAC, 60Hz
Standard Stroke 500 mm
Daylight Opening 600 mm
Bed Table Sizes 800*600 mm (Between columns, Between edges)
Height of Bed Table Above Floor 800 mm
Fast Forward Speed 150 mm/s
Slow Pressing Speed 25 mm/s
Return Speed 150 mm/s
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Custom Made 2000 Ton 4 Post Hydraulic Press Machine Features:

– Siemens PLC

– Delta Servo Controller

– 10 Inches Color Touch Screen

– T slots on the bed table and moving platen for mold locking

– Top mounted hydraulic system

– Automatic tie bar lubrication

– Main parts: Rexroth & Schneider

– Seal: SKF

-Relay: Omron & Schneider

Custom Made 2000 Ton 4 Post Hydraulic Press Machine Safety Measures:

– Double start buttons with protection cover

– Safety light curtains on feed in (front) and exit sides (rear) cover the whole daylight open

– Emergency stop button

– Pneumatic safety ratchet bar

– Safety mesh shield covers the left/right side of bed table, can be opened and removed

– NEMA style control cabinet with electric disconnect switch

Oil Leakage Strategy:

– Oil leakage audible alarming

– Hydraulic oil collecting grooves on slide table and bed table

Available Operation Controls:

– Manual & Semi-automatic

– Stroke adjustable

– Pressure adjustable

– Dwell time adjustable

– Closed-loop electric control

custom-made 4 post hydraulic press machine