High-end Industrial 1000 pc Jigsaw Puzzle Cutting Machine & Bagging Machine

Today, I would like to talk about puzzle cutting, when comes to talking about puzzle cutting machine, we always cannot get away from the jigsaw puzzle making machine, and something that puzzle cutting machine is involved, puzzle production line, namely the jigsaw puzzle press, and automatic puzzle incline scattering machine, and vertical puzzle bagging machine.

What would you need to start making and marketing jigsaw puzzle of your own brand? Of course, the above puzzle making machine, in addition to a registered brand name/trademark, an online marketing store, a warehouse, even a workshop, etc. What I am talking about is more relevant to the making/production, instead of marketing. If you are right starting the above-mentioned business, and needing relevant puzzle machine/equipment and found Lexson, you have come to the right place and found the right partner.

Lexson is absolutely the right partner who can supply you with a full set of equipment. Lexson has been committed to the development and production of industrialized jigsaw puzzle production lines for more than 10 years. At present, Lexson provides a full range of puzzle machine:




Lexson- A01-1000T-S Industrial Jigsaw puzzle production line.

In addition, in response to the requirements of our global customers to expand production scale and increase production capacity, we have developed a new Lexson-ISB-G01 series of fully automatic puzzle scatterers and vertical puzzle bagger machine.

The design of the whole line is simple and the production capacity is high, only one person can manage one line.

So far, customers from more than 20 countries are using Lexson’s puzzle-making machine. Among them are the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Turkey, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Latvia, Poland, Italy, Netherlands, etc.

Over the years, Lexson has always focused on high-quality, state of art, highly automated, and performance. Lexson company does not blindly emphasize low price, low price means no guaranteed quality, but our price is not the highest, we always provide cost-effective machines.  Customers who purchased and use Lexson puzzle machine know that:

  1. Lexson’s jigsaw machine adopts unified design specifications
  2. Lexson puzzle press has a 4-post structure, and brings superior rigidity and precise bed-to-ram parallelism, what does superior precise bed-to-ram parallelism? Excellent cut-through. And allow the press to be more industrialized with a wide range of tonnage: 50-3000 ton.
  3. A unified high-quality, high-precision drive helps the machine to run more smoothly, with less vibration, more stability, better positioning, and better control of pressure.
  4. Unified high-quality servo motor, less noise, less electricity consumption, more energy-saving, and environmental protection.
  5. Unified high-quality solid-state relays are longer durable, have fewer failure rates/downtime, and require less maintenance.
  6. Unified built-in pressure relief device and unified automatic circulation action, the machine is closed and pressure cut to return, the complete cycle action machine is more stable, without unnecessary vibration.

Lexson-ISB-G01-520 Series Fully Automatic Puzzle Scatterer And Puzzle Bagging Machine


puzzle cutting machine

puzzle cutting machine

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