Lexson-P07 Precision Electric Servo Press Machine

Lexson-P07 Precision Electric Servo Press Machine

The Lexson-P07 precision electric servo press machine is a motion-controlled ball screw press. The electric servo press integrated with pressure and position transducer for precision closed-loop control. The electric servo press machine provides a fully mobile and readily accessible, customized foundation for assembly, test, and lab applications. Unlike conventional hydraulic workstations, the Lexson electric servo press is a completely electric workstation.

electric servo press

The Lexson electric servo press machine is an ideal equipment for assembly

For many precision assembly application, the control force and displacement can have a direct impact on product quality. When press fit an electric connector into the backplane, for example, we will require the very precisely controlled insertion force and displacement. Due to the precision closed-loop control of press-fitting force and press-in displacement in the whole process of the assembly, the Lexson-P07 electric servo press machine is an ideal assembly press for the application.

electric servo press machine

Compared to conventional pneumatic or hydraulic presses, the Lexson servo press is 80% energy-saving. Furthermore, it’s more environmentally friendly and safe, which best meet the dust-free workshop requirements. The 10” HMI will display the real-time curve of pressing force and displacement of the entire assembly process. Most noteworthy, you can even build up your own quality determine standard by monitoring the pressing pressure and displacement at the end position of the assembly, which is very useful for real-time quality management. All press-fit data is storable, importable and exportable, convenience quick set up for the new press-fit process.