Custom-Made C Frame 5 Ton Servo Press Machine

June 23, 2017 / by tina

Lexson-P07 Servo Press Machine

Lexson’s 5 ton servo press machine is an electrically driven environmentally friendly press machine, ideal for precision assembly and press fit. Our standard servo press machine is compactly designed either in a C frame or bench top type machine structure. This electric servo press runs more quietly and cleanly than the conventional hydraulic press and pneumatic press. Furthermore, 75~80% power consumption reduced.

Custom-made Features
  • The custom-made 5 ton servo press machine required a movable bed table on X-axis, which driven by a servo motor
  • A pair of safety light curtains cover the whole daylight open of the 5-ton servo press
  • Openable safety mesh guards cover the left and right side of the bed table
  • The Lexson-P07 C frame 5 ton servo press machine application: precision assembly
5 Ton Servo Press Machine Parameters

Model No. 5000 kgf Servo Press
Pressure Output 5000 kgf  (5 ton)
Structure C frame press, floor standing press
Input Power AC400VAC, 3 Phase
Standard Stroke 200 mm
Daylight Opening 300 mm
Throat Depth 155 mm
Bed Table Moveable on X-axis
Bed Table Sizes 950*300 mm
Bed Table Moving Length 1500 mm on X-axis
Bed Table Driven Servo motor driven
Fast Forward Speed 0.1- -200 mm/s
Detect Speed 0.1- -30 mm/s
Press Speed 0.1- -50 mm/s
Return Speed 0.1- -200 mm/s
HMI 10 inches touchscreen
Control Unit PLC & exclusive control unit
Drive Mode Precise AC servo motor
USB Interface USB 2.0, download & upload available
Die Connector Dia. Ø30 mm
Control Mode 1. Fixed speed, setting position stop

2. Fixed speed, setting load stop

3. Fixed speed, pressing distance stop

Mold Locking With T slot on the bed table
Dwell Time 0.1~99.9 second
Safety Shield Door Openable
Bed Table Positioning ±0.05 mm
Pressure Repeat Duration 0.01 F.S
Stroke Repeat Duration 0.01 mm
Working Temperature 0~40℃