4-Post 100 Ton Trim Press – Custom Made Hydraulic Trimming Press

Lexson 4-post 100 ton trim press is heavy duty designed hydraulic press for trimming and removing the burr of die casting parts. As trim presses are commonly working under high temperature and excessive condition, all hydraulic and electric units which Lexson used are of the world-wide famous brand with tough quality, to ensure years of dependable use and maintenance-free.

Lexson recently builds the 4-post 100 ton trim press with the following parameters, dedicatedly for trimming of die-cast parts.

LEXSON-A03 4-Post Trim Press Technical Parameters
  • Pressing Force: 1000 KN
  • System pressure: 20 Mpa
  • Daylight opening: 1600 mm
  • Cylinder stroke: 1000 mm
  • Bed table: 1700*1000 mm
  • Input power: 230 VAC, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz
LEXSON-A03 4-Post 100 ton Trim Press Features
  •  Anti-tie-down, anti repeat controls with ring guards
  • Double-start zero force touch buttons
  • Safety photoelectric light curtain
  • Safety interlocked hinged mesh guards on the 3-sided door
  • Pneumatic safety Ratchet Bar
  • Hydraulic center ejection
  • Air blast valve with timer and air nozzles
  • Removable base
  • Portable operator console
  • Color HMI
  • Linear position sensor
  • Load cell
  • Automatic tie bar lubrication
  • T-slotted moving and bed platens