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four column hydraulic press

Four Column Hydraulic Press Machine 600 Ton hydraulic press Manufacturer – Lexson Machinery

Four Column Hydraulic Press Machine 600 Ton hydraulic press Manufacturer – Lexson
Lexson provides a range of four-column hydraulic press from 2 ton up to 2000 ton, 4 column hydraulic press models, also known as 4-post hydraulic press,  can be designed to accommodate different dies of any size and are well suited for part manufacturing that requires superior rigidity and precise bed-to-ram parallelism. Lexson 4-post hydraulic presses are designed with modular tie-rod construction and built for infinite service life. What’s more, Lexson four-column hydraulic press adopts a servo motor, servo driver, pressure transducer and displacement transducer, 10″ big touch screen, that allows all settings on the touch screen.
four column hydraulic press


Every four-column hydraulic press machine from Lexson is guided by replaceable, graphite-impregnated bronze bushings and solid, chrome-plated posts to ensure years of maintenance-free, reliable operation.
The precision bushings provide superior ram guidance and eliminate the need for external lubrication.
 Advantages of the four-column hydraulic press:
  • Typically more economical than gib-guided presses
  • Allow four-sided access to the working area
  • Compact design, built to your specifications
  • Virtually no restrictions on tonnage or bed size customizationProgrammable Adjustable Stroke
  • Programmable Slide Motion Throughout the Stroke with Slide Position Accuracy in Microns.
  • 30% Less Electrical Power Consumption
  • No Loss of Energy, Even at 1 SPM
  • At Least Twice the Working Energy of Traditional Mechanical Presses
four column hydraulic press


We want to learn more about your business and discuss your manufacturing requirements so we can work together on improving your process.
hydraulic leather cutting machine

Hydraulic Leather Cutting Machine 200T Pressing Force With Large Table And Shuttle Table

Hydraulic Leather Cutting Machine 200T Pressing Force With Large Table And Shuttle Table

Lexson-A01 PRO 200T Hydraulic Leather Cutting Press ‘s made as Four-post presses, also known as 4-column presses with unilateral shuttle table or Bilateral shuttle table.

This allows the die cutting machine to have working table upto 2000mm, can be even larger.

With the hydraulic cutting press shuttle table, the cut leathers can still be unloaded easily and efficiently out of the hydraulic die cutting press on the shuttle table which ‘s controlled by position sensor.

Besides, Lexson ‘s hydraulic die cutting machine adopts servo motor and servo controller, this made our press a hydraulic and servo-electric presses, that consumes 50-70% less electricity, and more stable pressure (±1bar) and high positioning accuracy(±0.01mm), owe to all these make our hydraulic press cutting machine a no more suitable solution for hydraulic cutting press.

Advantages of 4-Post Hydraulic Leather Cutting Machine:

  • Allow secondary adjustment of plate parallelism, that provides the press higher parallelism, which ‘s strictely required by die cutting process.
  • Typically more economical than gib-guided presses.
  •  Allow the press to have large working table, namely the area for cutting ‘s bigger than machine of other types.
  • Allow four-sided access to the working area
  • Modular design, built to your specifications, even though working table ‘s much bigger other types of machine, due to modular & compact design, it still has small footprint.

Technical specification of Lexson-A01 PRO 200T Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

Model No. Lexson-A01 PRO 200T Fast Forward Speed 150~160 mm/s
Structure -4-post hydraulic press

-Top-mounted hydraulic system

compact design for less footprint

With automatic one OR two shuttle table

Slow Pressing Speed 8~15 mm/s
Driven Driven by servo motor + servo controller Return Speed 130~140 mm/s
Stroke Type Downward stroke Parallelism Between Platens ±0.04 mm
Hydraulic Pressure 20 Mpa Flatness of Platens ±0.035 mm
Pressure Output 2000 KN Power Supply 3phase 230V 50Hz
Standard Stroke 300 mm Motor Power 15 KW
Daylight Opening 300 mm Approximate Machine Overall Size 2320*3250*2338 mm (one-side shuttle table)
Effective Bed Table Sizes 1600 (between columns) * 1600 (between edges) mm 2320*4930*2338 mm (dual-side shuttle table)
Height of Bed Table Above Floor 850 mm Approximate Machine Weight 7,500 KG (one-side shuttle table)
8,200 KG (dual-side shuttle table)




– Omron/Siemens/Allen Bradley PLC control

– Omron/Siemens Color HMI (Human-Machine Interface)

– Pressure Sensor force feedback & Linear position transducer feedback

– Work mode: Fixed Pressure mode & Fixed Position mode

– Smooth and flatbed platen and moving platen

– Automatically lubricating system

– Tricolor(green/yellow/red) operation indicator with warning buzzer

– PLC communication with external equipment (if needed)

– Hydraulic oil cooler


Safety Measures:

– Double start buttons on front side of the shuttle table

– Safety photoelectric light curtain on front and rear side of the bed table, covering the whole daylight open

– Emergency stop button on front side of the shuttle table, manual reset required

– Pneumatic safety ratchet bar to prevent the sudden fall of the slider, in case of any error happened to the hydraulic system

– Interlocked safety mesh shield covers the left/right/rear side of bed table, can be opened and removed. When opened, the motor will shut down automatically, manual reset required

– NEMA style electric control cabinet with electric disconnect switch

– Selector switch with lock, only authorized person has the access for operation

– Dual channel safety monitoring circuit for double start buttons, safety light curtain, emergency stop button, motor on/off, ect.


Available Operation Controls:

– Manual & Auto

– Pressure mode & Position mode switchable

– Stroke adjustable & monitoring

– Pressure adjustable & monitoring

– Speed adjustable & monitoring

– Pressure hold time adjustable & monitoring

– Closed loop electric control

– Specifications programmable on HMI

up stroke 500 ton hydraulic press jigsaw puzzle cutting machine

Jigsaw Puzzle Cutting Machine 500 Ton Hydraulic Press – Lexson Manufacturers

Jigsaw Puzzle Cutting Machine 500 Ton Hydraulic Press – Lexson Manufacturers

LEXSON provides a full range of up-stroke jigsaw puzzle cutting machine from 50 ton up to 3000 ton. LEXSON ‘s jigsaw puzzle cutting machine is exclusively designed and featured for jigsaw puzzle production, as well as plywood jigsaw puzzle die cutting.

With similar tonnages, LEXSON also provides a full range of down-stroke Servo controlled jigsaw puzzle machine, which we have the servo hydraulic control system to replace the conventional hydraulic system.  A servo-hydraulic controlled puzzle press machine’s more advantageous, not only in efficiency but also in performance, for more details please refer to servo controlled hydraulic jigsaw puzzle machine.

Click & Contact With Our Engineering Team About Your Unique Jigsaw Puzzle Press Requirements!


LEXSON ‘s jigsaw puzzle cutting machine features:
  • Up-stroke acting type
  • Hydraulic system mounted at the rear side
  • Two-hands press start button
  • E-stop button
  • Safety light curtains
  • Safety mechanical stopper
  • Proximity limitation control
  • Pressure regulator
  • Portable operation console
  • Pressure gauge
  • Stainless(304) steel slide rails for cutting die to slide IN & OUT
  • Flatbed table and slider
  • Hydraulic oil chiller

500 ton jigsaw puzzle cutting machine

500 ton puzzle making machine

hydraulic deep drawing press machine

Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Machine 1000 Ton – LEXSON

Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Machine 1000 Ton – LEXSON ‘s standard hydraulic deep drawing press machine ranges from 45 to 1000 tons, features compact and intuitive design. Heavy duty 4-post and stress-relieved frame body are extremely rigid and minimum deflection to provide perfect rigidity and durability. Well-forged and precise-polished heavy-duty cylinder remain highly reliable when machine running at the high load condition.

Additionally, Lexson can work directly with your tooling suppliers from every beginning of your deep drawing project, and ensure that the press is optimized and workable with your tooling.


Custom-made-hydraulic-press-machine-1000 ton

Custom-made-hydraulic-press-machine-1000 ton

Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Machine Features & Benefits:
  • Top mounted hydraulic system(totally closed by safety shields)
  • NEMA type electrical control cabinet apart from machine main body
  • Portable operation console(dual run button+E-stop button)
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Linear Position Sensor
  • Safety light curtain
  • T slotted channel on moving platen and bed table
  • 10″ Color HMI(Language: Chinese & English)
  • Pneumatic safety ratchet bar
  • Servo controlled hydraulic control system(Servo controlled hydraulic deep drawing press machine) as an option

Servo Hydraulic Press Machine VS Conventional Hydraulic Press Machine

Servo Hydraulic Press Machine VS Conventional Hydraulic Press Machine

The servo hydraulic press machine is a servo-driven hydraulic press system integrated with the precision pressure and position transducer for closed-loop control. Compared to conventional hydraulic press, the advances of the servo hydraulic presses are obvious:

  • First of all, much faster approaching, pressing and return speed
  • Speed adjustable during the whole stroke
  • Pressure repeat accuracy: ±1%
  • Furthermore, 30%~60% lower energy consumption
  • Much lower noise level
  • All parameters programmable on the central color touchscreen
  • High degree of reliability and minimum need for maintenance during the entire lifetime
servo hydraulic press machine

servo-hydraulic press machine VS conventional hydraulic press machine

Application of Lexson servo hydraulic press

Precision force control and real-time production monitoring make the servo-hydraulic press the ideal machine equipment for most of the precision applications such as automobiles parts forming and assembling, motor bearing assembling and press fitting, the electric connector assembly, and press fitting, as well as the precision straightening, trimmingcompression molding and so on. As with powerful lower energy consumption, the heated platen servo-hydraulic press is born to be the perfect press machine solution for hot compression molding application with long pressure holding time.

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