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puzzle packing machine

Puzzle bagging machine, polybag bagger machine, puzzle bagger, puzzle packing machine, China Factory Price

Puzzle bagging machine, polybag bagger machine, puzzle bagger, puzzle packing machine, puzzle packaging machine, China factory

Lexson 600 ton jigsaw puzzle making machine line demonstration:

Dear Partners, thank you for choosing LEXSON as your partner. Lexson is dedicated to making puzzle production line, puzzle bagging machine more automated, among it includes the jigsaw puzzle scattering machine, the automatic vertical poly bagger, and the exit conveyor machine.

puzzle bagging machine



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puzzle bagging machine



Scattering Machine Technical Specification:

Voltage Single phase 220V/50HZ Power 3KW
Belt width 900mm Conveying speed 60m/min
Overall weight 350kg Overall size L3200*W1300*H2200mm

Bagging Machine Technical Specification:

power supply Single phase 220V/50HZ Total power 4KW
Bagger Material Single layer PE film Horizontal sealing heating tube power 250W/110VAC/pc
Plastic thickness 0.05-0.12mm Vertical sealing heating tube power 300W/220VAC/pc
Maximum width(plastic) 520mm Air pressure 0.65MPa
Maximum bag size 50-350mm(L) 50-250mm(W) Air consumption 0.6m3/min
Packaging speed 5-60 bags/m Machine Dimensions 1600Lx1120Wx1700H

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