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jigsaw puzzle cutting machine

Jigsaw Puzzle Cutting Machine, Puzzle Making Machine, Jigsaw Puzzle Machine, Puzzle Die Cutting Machine & Automatic Puzzle Production Line

Jigsaw Puzzle Cutting Machine, Puzzle Making Machine, Jigsaw Puzzle Machine, Puzzle Die Cutting Machine & Automatic Puzzle Production Line

A customer from Latvia purchased a LEXSON®-A01-600T-ST jigsaw puzzle cutting machine and a full automatic jigsaw puzzle bagging machine in 2021, currently, he came back to LEXSON® and told us, his business seemed to be booming again, the puzzle machine he purchased in 2021 is in good operation, his customers have signed an order for a mass number of puzzle, he needs to get ready for the upcoming orders in 2023 and the delivery time is quite tight for him. He is urgently needing another full jigsaw puzzle production line for his puzzle-making, and now the second puzzle-making machine, the production line is ready to ship.

LEXSON® is a leading brand in jigsaw puzzle machine manufacturing and has been well-known by global customers. So far, LEXSON has established business relationships with customers from more than 10 countries and areas in the world, such as The United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, the U.K., Italy, French, Bulgaria, Turkey, Latvia, Poland, New Zealand, etc.

jigsaw puzzle cutting puzzle machine

Jigsaw puzzle press machine availability:


Automatic bagging machine availability:

LEXSON  has been focused on our customers by utilizing our knowledge in puzzle making, we keep working strictly to provide a suitable range and service that is appropriate to their location and the market in which they operate. In turn, the consumer’s sales are maintained, and customer experience is enhanced. Our customers trust LEXSON® to deliver a package that is simple to implement and maintain. SZ Lexson and HK Lexson Technology, we have a strong thread of loyalty and integrity running through the company and we all firmly believe that a high level of service to the customer is paramount.  Lexson will always provide a personal, efficient, and friendly approach to every customer. To see what our customers say about us, click on the testimonials tab on this page. Lexson tram is excited to have the opportunity to deal with you and looks forward to being in touch soon.

puzzle cutting machine


puzzle packing machine

Puzzle bagging machine, polybag bagger machine, puzzle bagger, puzzle packing machine, China Factory Price

Puzzle bagging machine, polybag bagger machine, puzzle bagger, puzzle packing machine, puzzle packaging machine, China factory

Lexson 600 ton jigsaw puzzle making machine line demonstration:

Dear Partners, thank you for choosing LEXSON as your partner. Lexson is dedicated to making puzzle production line, puzzle bagging machine more automated, among it includes the jigsaw puzzle scattering machine, the automatic vertical poly bagger, and the exit conveyor machine.

puzzle bagging machine



What Lexson has been doing for more 14 years is keeping developing new products, design, and manufacturing for puzzle machines, making our machine more innovative and more automated, our machines include: puzzle cutting, #Lexsonpuzzlemachine, jigsaw puzzle machine, 600 ton puzzle making machine, 800 ton puzzle cutting machine, 1000 ton jigsaw puzzle maker machine, 1000 ton jigsaw puzzle die cutting machine, used jigsaw puzzle machine for sale, 1000 ton jigsaw puzzle cutter, jigsaw puzzle making machine, jigsaw puzzle cutting machine, puzzle cutter machine price, puzzle die cutter, jigsaw making machine, jigsaw puzzle die, jigsaw puzzle cutter machine price, puzzle press machine, industrial puzzle machine, puzzle die cutting machine, puzzle machine price, 1000 piece puzzle cutter, machine puzzle, jigsaw puzzle press machine, 1000 piece puzzle die, jigsaw puzzle press, random cut jigsaw puzzles Uk, jigsaw die cutter, jigsaw press, jigsaw puzzle die cutter.

puzzle bagging machine



Scattering Machine Technical Specification:

Voltage Single phase 220V/50HZ Power 3KW
Belt width 900mm Conveying speed 60m/min
Overall weight 350kg Overall size L3200*W1300*H2200mm

Bagging Machine Technical Specification:

power supply Single phase 220V/50HZ Total power 4KW
Bagger Material Single layer PE film Horizontal sealing heating tube power 250W/110VAC/pc
Plastic thickness 0.05-0.12mm Vertical sealing heating tube power 300W/220VAC/pc
Maximum width(plastic) 520mm Air pressure 0.65MPa
Maximum bag size 50-350mm(L) 50-250mm(W) Air consumption 0.6m3/min
Packaging speed 5-60 bags/m Machine Dimensions 1600Lx1120Wx1700H

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Jigsaw Puzzle Machine, Jigsaw Puzzle Making Machine & automatic Puzzle Bagging Machine

Jigsaw Puzzle Machine, Jigsaw Puzzle Making Machine & automatic Puzzle Bagging Machine

Lexson is a leading brand of puzzle machine, puzzle press and jigsaw puzzle cutting, high-end jigsaw puzzle automatic production line in China. In business since 1990, Lexson has developed 600 ton puzzle machine, four-post puzzle press, 800 ton hydraulic puzzle die cutting machine, 1000 ton servo hydraulic puzzle making machine that can cut puzzles from 200 pieces up to 3000 pieces in one part.


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Jigsaw puzzles come in a variety of sizes. Among those marketed to adults, 300-, 500- and 750-piece puzzles are considered “smaller”, that can be made by a small puzzle machine, or hydraulic servo puzzle machine, more sophisticated, but still common, puzzles come in sizes of 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,000, 7,500, 8,000, 9,000, 13,200, 18,000, 24,000, 32,000 and 40,000 pieces are made by a larger hydraulic press puzzle machine such as 600 ton puzzle machine, 800 ton puzzle making machine, and 1000 ton puzzle cutting machine that are all servo hydraulic presses mentioned before.

Due to the development of steel rule die, it is getting easier to make jigsaw puzzles mentioned above, die cutting is a converting process that turns stock material ​into a specific shape or pattern. It uses specialized machinery and equipment to cut, form, and shape a variety of materials. Steel rule dies specifically are an economical and versatile method for converting soft and semi-rigid materials in two dimensions.

At LEXSON Die Group, we employ state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous quality control procedures to meet the most precise tooling requirements, besides, Lexson provides consultation and engineering services to tailor the die design to our customer’s specific needs. The latest technology available is used to create precision steel rule dies for cutting jigsaw puzzles and a variety of industries.