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jigsaw puzzle machine

Jigsaw puzzle machine steel rule cutting die 1.5-2 mm cardboard

Jigsaw puzzle machine steel rule cutting die 1.5-2 mm cardboard

Lexson ‘s jigsaw puzzle machine is design as 4-post structure, with slide rails on the moving palten, that allows cutting die to slide in and out for easy die installation and die change. On the lower  work table is mounted a metallic plate where on the plate ‘s fed a cardboard that allow the cutting die to cut directly to the metallic plate.

Lexson’s jigsaw puzzle machine ‘s featured with Phase brand servo motor and delta servo controller, Fager position transducer and pressure sensor, that allow adjustment on pressing pressure, stroke and dwell time and speeds, what ‘s more, these features make A01 PRO the most advantages machine for the production of jigsaw puzzle, because of the pressure repeat error and position error.

Technical specifications of Lexson-A01 PRO 600T Jigsaw Puzzle Macine

Model No. Lexson-A01 PRO 600T
Structure & Driven 4-post hydraulic press, driven by servo motor, compact design for less footprint occupy
Stroke Type Downward stroke
Pressure Output 6000 KN
Hydraulic Pressure 25 Mpa
Input Power Supply AC230V, 3 Phase, 60Hz
Standard Stroke 200 mm
Daylight Opening 200 mm
Effective Bed Table Sizes 850 mm (Left-right between column) * 880 mm (Front-rear edge to edge)
Height of Bed Table Above Floor 900-950 mm
Parallelism Between Platens ±0.04 mm
Flatness Of Platens ±0.025 mm
Pressure Repeat Precision ±1%
Fast Forward Speed 200~220 mm/s
Slow Pressing Speed 5~10 mm/s
Return Speed 180~200 mm/s
Cutting Cycle Per Minute 12~15
Machine Power 14.1 KW
Control Siemens PLC, can be communicated and incorporated with robot (if needed)
Work Mode Stroke & Pressure mode
Available Operation Controls – Manual & Semi-automatic

– Stroke adjustable & monitored

– Pressure adjustable & monitored

– Dwell time adjustable & monitored

-Speed adjustable & monitored

– Close loop electric control

Approximate Machine Overall Size 2285*1500*2530 mm
Approximate Machine Weight 12,000 KG
jigsaw puzzle machine

jigsaw puzzle machine

Safety Measures of Lexson-A01 PRO 600T Jigsaw Puzzle Machine

Electric Control Cabinet NEMA style electric cabinet with electric disconnect switch
Safety Light Curtain Front & back safety light curtains
Start Buttons Front side dual start buttons
Emergency Stop Front & back emergency stop buttons
Interlocked Safety Mesh Shield Cover the left & right side of the bed table
Safety Ratchet Bar Pneumatic safety ratchet bar
Mechanical Safety Position Limit Switch Adjustable
Operation Indicator Triple color (Green/Yellow/Red) indicator light with buzzer
Portable Operation Console Available

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