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C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine Manufacturers- Lexson Machinery provides a full range of C frame hydraulic press machine from 5 ton up to 300 ton, that is designed and built to work for various operations, processes that require high force concentration in a relatively small area, such as stamping, joining, assembling, bending, etc..

c frame hydraulic press machine manufacturers

All specifications of the C frame press can be built directly to your requirements.

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Nominal Force 600 KN
Daylight Open 500 mm
Stroke 300 mm
System Pressure 190 bar
Motor 22KW
Rated Currency 42.9A
Power Supply AC 3 Phase 230V

Compare with four-column hydraulic presses, C frame hydraulic press machines are open at the left-hand and right-hand sides, which provides easy access to the die from three sides, and permits flexible loading and unloading of wide products and irregularly shaped work-piece.

Besides, Lexson also provides solutions that incorporate automatic feeding and unloading system into a production line, that make the production line fully automatic. Please refer to the following project.

custom c frame press machine manufacturers

Lexson is a premier C frame hydraulic press machine manufacturers. We custom build the most robust and reliable hydraulic press machinery for customers all over the world. Bring your inquiry and explore the possibilities with Lexson Machinery now!