China 50 Ton 4-Post Hydraulic Press Manufacturers/Suppliers – Lexson

Lexson delivered a 50 ton 4 post hydraulic press that will be incorporated into a production line by adding a loading and unloading robot to raise customers’ productivity. This machine’s designed as a 4-post press, with a hydraulic system, mounted on the top of the press, there is also a mounted safety fence around the top of the press for safe maintenance, extended safety doors on both sides of the press with hidden safety light curtains mounted on the left and right sides, and the lower side that fully get the operation side protected by the safety light curtain beam.

A portable operation console is available, that keeps the operator away from the operation chamber, also an excellent measure to make safe operation.

Lexson 4 post hydraulic press or 4 column hydraulic press is built to have servo motor and servo controller instead of a conventional motor, which makes the press more advantaged in:

  1. Energy saving
  2. Productive
  3. High-pressure repeatability
  4. High displacement repeat accuracy
  5. 30%~60% lower energy consumption
  6. Speed adjustable during the whole stroke
  7. Much faster closing, pressing, and opening speeds
  8. Oil temperature is relatively low
  9. Lower noisy
  10. Longer service life and low failure rate, less maintenance

Main technical parameters of Lexson-P01 PRO 50 ton 4-post hydraulic press

Model No. Lexson-P01 PRO 4-Post Hydraulic Press 50 Ton
Structure Four-column
Driven Type Servo Hydraulic
System Pressure 20 Mpa
Pressure Output 500 KN
Input Power AC380VAC, 3 Phase 50HZ
Standard Stroke 800 mm
Daylight Opening 1100 mm
Bed Table Sizes 1800*1600 mm
Height of Bed Table Above Floor 750 mm
Fast Forward Speed 300 mm/s
Slow Pressing Speed 10~12 mm/s
Return Speed 300 mm/s
Approximate Overall Size 2375*1840*2400 mm (length*width*height)
Approximate Weight 12,000 KG

50 Ton 4-Post Hydraulic Press Features:
– PLC control
– 10 Inches Color HMI
– T slotted bed platen and moving platen for mold locking
– Top-mounted hydraulic system with a protected fence
– Automatically lubricating system
– PLC communication with external equipment (such as automatically robot feeding system)

Safety Measures:
– Two-handed start buttons on the front side of the bed table
– Safety photoelectric light curtain on both front and rear side of the bed table, covering the whole daylight open
– Emergency stop button on both front and rear side of the bed table
– Pneumatic safety ratchet bar
– Interlocked safety mesh shield covers the left/right side of bed table, can be opened and removed
– NEMA style electric control cabinet with electric disconnect switch

Oil Leakage Strategy:
– Hydraulic oil collecting grooves on slide table and bed table
Available Operation Controls:
– Manual & Auto
– Stroke adjustable & monitoring
– Pressure adjustable & monitoring
– Dwell time adjustable & monitoring
– Closed-loop electric control