Lexson Servo Hydraulic Press 600 Ton Jigsaw Puzzle Machine

Lexson Servo Hydraulic Press 600 Ton Jigsaw Puzzle Machine

American and Brazilian customers have come for Lexson for 1000 pcs jigsaw puzzle cutting machine. The Lexson-A01 series die cutting press machines are highly optimized-design for different die cutting requirements. Hence, by using Lexson jigsaw puzzle cutting machine, it is more intuitive and easier operation to reduce the need for skilled operators. Due to superrigidity of 4-post frame structure and precision bed-to-ram parallelism, Lexson jigsaw puzzle machines are helping our customers to achieve quality die-cutting parts across the globe.

jigsaw puzzle machine

jigsaw puzzle machine CUTTING DIE. The cutting die is inserted and fixed in the die (mold) locking device, which is mounted on the slider of the jigsaw puzzle machine.

jigsaw puzzle machine

jigsaw puzzle machine DIE CUTTING RESULT

Lexson’s dedicated A01 PRO series die cutting machines are the servo-hydraulic presses. The presses are integrated with precision pressure and position transducers for precision closed-loop control. Firstly, let’s see how the Lexson-A01 PRO 600 ton servo-hydraulic press jigsaw puzzle machine works:

Compared to conventional hydraulic press, the advances of the servo-hydraulic press is obvious:

  • First of all, much faster approaching,  pressing and return speed
  • Secondly, all speed adjustable during the whole stroke
  • Furthermore, pressure repeat accuracy: ±1%
  • 30%~60% lower energy consumption
  • Much less noise level
  • All parameters programmable on the central color touchscreen
  • Finally, the higher degree of reliability and less need for maintenance during the entire lifetime
600 ton servo driven jigsaw puzzle machine suppliers600-ton servo-hydraulic press jigsaw puzzle machine suppliers

Lexson-A01 Pro 600 Ton Servo-Hydraulic Press Technical Specification, as below:

S/N. Description Parameters
1 Model Number Lexson-A01 600 Ton Pro
2 Nominal Force 6000 KN
3 Daylight Opening 300 mm
4 Standard Stroke 300 mm
5 Input Power 220/230/380/480VAC, 3 Phase 50/60 Hz
6 Work Table Size 900*950 mm
7 Table Height 850 mm
8 System Pressure 21 Mpa
9 Closing Speed 190~200 mm/s
10 Slow Speed 15~18 mm/s
11 Return Speed 180~200 mm/s
600-ton servo-hydraulic press jigsaw puzzle machine features:
Electric Control Cabinet NEMA style electric cabinet with electric disconnect switch
Safety Light Curtain Front & Back safety light curtains
Double Start Buttons Front Side double start buttons
Emergency Stop Front & Back emergency stop button
Safety Mesh Shield Cover the Left & Right Side of the back table
Control PLC
Available Operation Controls – Manual & Semi-automatic            – Stroke adjustable

– Pressure adjustable                  – Dwell time adjustable

600 ton servo driven jigsaw puzzle machine suppliers

600-ton servo driven jigsaw puzzle cutting machine suppliers